The womb. From the Old English wamb. Referred to in science as the uterus. It is the inverted, pear-shaped organ that offers a space for the conception of offspring and is the home for that life to gestate. Throughout history, wombs have been extracted, cut into, sewn together, criminalized, politicized, legislated, and textualized. There are literal and figurative wombs, ones housed in our bodies, ones we wish were housed in our bodies, ones we don’t want, and, for all of us, the wombs from which we were born. For this second POC United anthology, we want them all.

We ask for fiction, essays, and poetry about the desire for a womb, the loss of a womb, the relationship to the mother’s womb, the metaphorical womb, phantom wombs, and any other womb-related ideas you might have. Interpret this theme as freely as you like, and submit so-called literary or genre work.

Please send fiction and non-fiction under 5,000 words and no more than three poems to as both an attachment and pasted in the body of the message.

Thank you!

-The Editors